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Are You In A Sexual Rut – Part 6

I’m not a Dr so I’m not even going to attempt to diagnose any physical sexual issues, I’m going to assume there are some and give some suggestions that you might find helpful.

Firstly, if you are experiencing any physical issue that is preventing you from having or enjoying sex, and you haven’t seen a Dr, then pick up the phone and make an appointment right now. You just never know what the Dr will find and can do for you. And if a traditional Dr isn’t giving you any answers, I highly recommend seeing a reputable natural therapist for assistance. I’ve personally found that 9 out of 10 times, if I’m within normal parameters medically, I just need some fine tuning naturally. :) Continue reading »

Are You In A Sexual Rut – Part 5

I’ve personally been in this rut of Low Self Esteem and I can tell you it’s not much fun, but the good news is that it’s not permanent and there are some things you can do to move through to the other side.

Let’s look at what’s going on. There are a few reasons why someone would fall into this rut:

  1. You’ve put on weight, sometimes a lot (some pregnant women get caught in this one)
  2. Some accident has occurred and you now have some “unsightly” scaring or deformity
  3. You’ve come out of a relationship that was emotionally damaging leaving you low and vulnerable, wondering who will love you and are you good enough (you are by the way!) Continue reading »

Are You In A Sexual Rut – Part 4

Do you have specific nights you tend to have sex on? Does it tend to be on weekends only? Have you ever opted not to have sex because you have to get up for work in the morning? Do you have sex in the same bed the majority of the time? Do you use the same small handful of foreplay and sexual positions most of the time? When was the last time you had spontaneous, wild, passionate sex?

This is a really common rut; it’s just that you’ve established a routine and you’ve become used to each other. You know what works and what doesn’t, you have your favourite positions and particular foreplay; it’s just that it’s the same old, same old and after a while it just gets, well… boring. Hands up if you’re bored in your sex life right now! Continue reading »

Are You In A Sexual Rut – Part 3

There are 2 parts to this sexual rut or lack of libido. For some people it’s a wake up call to make some major decisions in regards to your relationship, for others it’s just a wake up call to remind you to do something now while you still can. I’ll discuss both so please keep reading if you’re not in the first group.

Lack of libido can be a symptom of where your relationship is at, at least for one of you. This is one that happened for me and it was my wake up call to make some major decisions. I didn’t realise this was the case until he flat out asked me “aren’t you attracted to me anymore?”. Continue reading »

Are You In A Sexual Rut – Part 2

I know this one only too well being a person that tends to take on too much. Often the ambitious or go-getters hit this one, but also the mum’s and dad’s who work full time. You only need a couple of sleepless nights to really throw your sex life out of whack. And for the ambitious go-getter types, it’s just not on the long list of things to do. This is an easy rut to fall into and sometimes difficult to remedy.

Ultimately the solution is to create some time to chill out, rest, relax and store some energy rather than expending it. Depending on how burnt out you are will depend on how long you need to chill out before you start building energy. The longer you work on in your burnt out state, the longer it takes to recover – trust me on that one, I’ve done this multiple times and done it well! Continue reading »

Are You In A Sexual Rut – Part 1

Firstly, what is a “rut”? It’s basically a settled and/or monotonous routine that is lacking in fun and excitement. The solution to your sexual rut depends on what rut you’re in though!

I’ve been in a few different ones, but here are a handful that will cover most ruts people find themselves in and the ones I’ll be writing about in this series:

  1. The “got too much going on, so I’m too tired” rut
  2. The “not feeling loved/fallen out of love” rut
  3. The “been together a while and fallen into routine sex” rut
  4. The “I don’t like the way I look/low self esteem” rut
  5. The “physical sexual problems interfering” rut Continue reading »
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